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Important Dates:


November 23, 2006 -Friday,
November 24, 2006
School Closed

Pearl Harbor Day
Thursday, December 7, 2006




Quote of the Month:

"All things are difficult before they are easy."
  Thomas Fuller


  PS 19 Library  

PS 19 Library

Visit the PS 19 Library website at


Librarian- Ms. Maxine Rappaport

Paraprofessional- Mrs. S. Slinker


Library Mission
Our goal is to provide free, open access to all information
for our entire learning community and to instill the love of literature and research through inquiry-based learning.



When is the library open?
Monday - 8:20am-2:50pm
Tuesday- 8:20am-4:50pm
Wednesday- 8:20am-4:50pm
Thursday- 8:20am-4:50pm
Friday- 8:20am-2:50pm

Internet Policy
Our school Internet policy is to follow the Acceptable Use Policy of the New York City Department of Education. We teach our students to use the Internet responsibly, by using website evaluation, recommended websites and search engines.


Book Responsibility
1. Carry your books to and from school in your backpack or waterproof bag.
2. Keep books away from food and drinks.
3. Keep books away from your younger brothers and sisters who might color them or tear them.
4. Keep books away from pets.
5. Turn pages carefully.
6. Keep your hands clean when reading your books.
7. Use a bookmark to hold your place.
8. Keep books in a special place in your house.
9. Remember to read your book or have someone read it to you.
10. Return your books to the library on time so others may enjoy them too.


How many books may I borrow?
Kindergarten- one book per week
First Grade- one book per week until January then two
Second Grade- two books every two weeks
Third Grade- three books every two weeks
Fourth Grade-three books every two weeks
Fifth Grade-three books every two weeks









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