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Important Dates:


November 23, 2006 -Friday,
November 24, 2006
School Closed

Pearl Harbor Day
Thursday, December 7, 2006




Quote of the Month:

"All things are difficult before they are easy."
  Thomas Fuller


  MST School   


The School of
Math, Science, & Technology


2004 MST Fair
A Study of Urban Forests

2005 MST Fair
Weather and Natural Phenomena


Work Created by the MST Students

Class 5-6
Class 5-9

@ P.S. 19Q

During the 2004-2005 school year,
the students of the Math, Science, and Technology School
collected 166,500 pennies for a total of $1665.00
that was donated to the Tsunami Relief Fund.


The School of Math, Science, and Technology
Mission Statement

In the school year 199-2000, PS 19 developed their second "School Within a School", The School of Math, Science, and Technology. This kindergarten through fifth grade academy houses approximately 350 students on the third floor of the main campus.

The mission of the MST School is to create an intellectually enriched and stimulating atmosphere that nurtures the skills of in-depth inquiry, problem solving, and scientific experimentation. This goal is accomplished by promoting each child's unique talents in a "School Within a School" setting.

Through this innovative educational model, students develop:

  • Problem solving, critical thinking, logic, and reasoning skills
  • A sense of belonging to a community of learners
  • A love of exploration and discovery
  • An ability to embrace cultural diversity while fostering an understanding of differences
  • Scientific attitudes of curiosity and flexibility
  • An ability to express thoughts about math, science, and technology, through the written communication

The PS 19 MST School is a place of learning for everyone. It focuses on the school as a community. The MST School utilizes computers as a vehicle to integrate math, science, and language arts for the purpose of acquiring knowledge. Furthermore, this unique program is designed to encourage students to meet the New York City and New York State Performance Standards.











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